CG Policies and Compliance | North East Rubber

The Board of Directors intends to promote Northeast Rubber Public Company Limited as an efficient organization in business operations.

Excellent Corporate Governance and Management by focusing on sustaining good benefits for shareholders and considering all stakeholders. Have virtue in doing business transparency and can be checked.


Charter of the Board of Directors
Charter of Executive Committee
Charter of Audit Committee
Charter of Nomination and Sustainability Development Committee
Charter of Risk Management Committee
Charter of Company Secretary
Qualifications of Independent Directors

Other Policies

Tax Policy
Information Disclosure Policy
Related Parties Transaction Policy Conflict of Interest Prevention and Stakeholding Reporting Policy
Internal Control and Internal Audit Policy
Risk Management Policy
Human Rights Policy
Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy and Whistle Blowing Policy
Management and Sustainable Development Policy
Social Responsibility Policy
Environmental Policy